Our Work & Production Services

We love what we do! May our passion provide you with the tools, skills, and infrastructure necessary to ensure that you experience exponential growth. Allow us to assist you in achieving your goals, as we help to bring your vision to life while utilizing swifter service, resulting in a collection of work that will surely impart a great impact.

Narrative Work

The expertise to make you shine! Storytellers at heart, M.D. Productions will succeed in telling your captivating and authentic stories. 

Television & Web Series

Whether a sitcom, a cop drama, or a zombie apocalypse we got you covered. We work in all genres of the visual arts.

Music Videos & Commercials

Helping artists build brand awareness by giving them amazing visual assets that will help their company or career grow.




We possess a full-fledge production company, which handles every aspect of production, including: Development, casting, pre-production, principal photography, and post-production, all under one roof.

M.D. Productions take either the script, treatment, or storyboards and produce your content from inception to distribution, in order to strongly compete with comparable teams in the marketplace.

Creative Storytelling

Creative Storytelling

At its core, M.D. Productions is a story-driven company. We believe that storytelling is at the heart of the human experience. With a staff team of writers and producers who take on projects of all shapes and sizes, we specialize in narrative content which we apply to Feature films, TV pilots, web series, commercials, and music videos.

With a team of exceptionally talented people, we take an idea from its initial conceptualization and masterfully transform it, crafting it from the page to production.



M.D. Productions utilizes its experience and relationships from a vast array of networks to apply proven techniques and business models, helping to guide you in your creative endeavors. We believe in each client’s vision, and thus creatively and strategically position them in the driver’s seat to achieve success.

Our goal is to humbly assist you, while giving you the best experience possible. You will be led and work alongside trusted professionals. Those professionals, who have mastered their craft and are obsessed with bringing your visions to life, while applying the highest standards possible. You will be given a blueprint, as well as the action items necessary, so that you may properly execute stellar productions with the ability to live on the web, on social media, or grand productions meant to be seen on either the silver or the big screen.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge!” – Einstein