Our Mission

Creativity, Imagination, Vision, and Purpose

M.D. Productions is an independent production company that strives to tell the most inspiring, innovative, and inclusive human stories. Our films, TV Shows, commercials, and music videos have and continue to be created for the big screen, the silver screen, and digital platforms.

We work with a diverse and passionate group of people who tell authentic stories, which unite us. These stories make us think, make us laugh, make us cry, and fully entertain us. We believe every great movie and TV show must begin with a dynamic script as the foundation.

M.D. Productions’ mission is to bring great purpose and creative vision to all film-makers and film enthusiasts. And doing so, by giving a voice and a platform to a wide range of stories and a vast array of lives, in order to thoroughly and deeply inspire the imagination of the masses. It is our fervent belief that, we are all blessed with a voice, and it is our responsibility to use it!

Work With Us

Let Us Tell Your Story

All in one solution for production. We are a solutions-based company that strives to solve all of your production needs under one roof while crafting amazing stories, whether it is for the screen, the theater or for branding your company.

“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” – Coelho